Pretend that one day, the Internet Muse drifted down from heaven, alighted on your shoulder, and whispered sweetly into your ear, “You must start a new blog.”

That’s exactly what happened to me.  True story.

Except that it wasn’t really the Internet Muse, but a portly fellow from Key West named Bubba.  And he didn’t really whisper inspiration so much as provide nonstop harassment for not keeping up with the old blog.  Nonstop.  As in, every time he called.  I don’t like to disappoint people, especially Bubba.  Because I am married to Bubba’s son and, you know, that confers certain responsibilities on a girl.  Also, Bubba goes out to get me Cuban coffee every morning when we visit him.  There’s a hint for you.  Want me to take your disappointment seriously?  Bring me Cuban coffee.  Some cheese toast would be nice, too.

So Bubba wanted me to do it.  That’s the other explanation.

Internet Muse or Bubba.  Choose your story.  One of them is true.  It must be.

Because here I am.