Transcribed during a little Christmas gift baking session this morning.

“We’re cooking! We’re cooking!”

“Look at me!  Look at what I’m doing!  Whoopsie daisy.”

“This one was broken. That’s why I had to eat it.”

“Heh. Yummy.”

“I just had a little on my finger, so I licked it off.”

“These are like Skittles.”

“These are like cookies.”

“These are like cupcakes.  Big little cupcakes.”

“Hold on. I need to finish my chocolate.”

“Here, Daddy, you can have the silver one.”

“Don’t touch mine!”

“Hold on I need to wipe my face.”

“Did you see what I did? Did you see? Mommy, Mommy, did you see?”

“I can eat these now. We’re all done.”


If you happen to need a food-related gift so simple that it can be successfully executed by an incompetent and a three-year-old, may I recommend these? Holiday Pretzel Treats