At approximately 1 a.m. this morning, after one of the most traumatic travel experiences of my life, we arrived home to a half-dead Christmas tree, several piles of dried-up cat vomit, some exquisitely expired milk in a sippy cup on the counter, and about ten inches of snow.  Which hopefully has melted down a bit since the original storm because all that hysteria for ten inches?  Come on, now.  That’s snow, not SNOOOOWWWW.

I’ll be back after I’m able to stop hugging my living room floor in gratitude and repeating my 700 vows to never travel again, so help me all that is holy.

On a related note, if you happened to be on last night’s Delta flight 1432 from Fort Myers to LaGuardia, especially if you were seated in the front section of the plane somewhere in the vicinity of row 7: I am really, really, really sorry.  Really.