I’m working on a play-by-play post of the snow day we are currently “enjoying” and I know the thought of that just puts you on the edge of your seats, but, sadly, the problem with the daylong play-by-play is that the plays (and post) continue until the end of the day.  So, to hold you over, here are a few things that I enjoyed reading this week.

Six Inches Under by Andrea Stanley.  This explains beautifully why I no longer live in cities.  Not because I experienced something like she did, but because I was turning into the kind of person who would have walked by her.  I didn’t want to be that person.

Fire on the Mountain. Or, Frenchboro by Marissa.  Coincidentally, this was published the same day as the last piece.  Coincidentally because it couldn’t be more different.  This is the type of place I want to live.  This is the type of person I want to be.

New Work, in Progress by Amy Pollien.  Do you like to look under the hood?  Is your favorite part of a show the backstage action?  Are you interested in the creative process because you yourself are nearly unable to process creatively?  Congratulations!  You are just like me!  Now go watch Amy’s work in progress, starting with this one and clicking through to the current, which is part 8.  There’s other posts in between, but they are great as well, so no loss.

Have you read anything fun this week?  Tell me below.  I’m snowed in.  What else have I got to do today?

Besides tracking my day for you, of course.  I mean, of course.