Last weekend was a busy one by my standards.  Of course, the highlight of most of my weekends is a trip to the dump and the library, so my standards are pretty low.  However, I am willing to bet that even highflying folks like yourselves would have been pooped out after a weekend like this one.


Sam’s birthday!  The lead up to Sam’s birthday involved lots of conversations with Annabel that went something like this:

A: Is Sam going to have a pink birthday?
Me: No, I don’t think so.
A: A blue birthday?
Me: Um…
A: Or maybe a green birthday?
Me: You know that birthdays don’t have to be a specific color, right?
A: I think he would like a yellow birthday.
Me: *sigh*

Annabel helped me make the carrot cake for the party and as we were grating up the carrots in the Cuisinart she suddenly yelled, “Yay! Sam’s having an ORANGE birthday!”

Well, that would have been a good idea.  Sadly, I saved the making of the cake for a snow day, which meant I was restricted in my choice of ingredients to what I already had on hand.  And I didn’t have cream cheese for a proper cream cheese frosting on hand.  So instead I made a caramel icing which tasted great but meant that Sam actually had a, um, brown birthday.

With red lettering.

This is not the most attractive birthday cake I’ve ever seen.

Sam cared about its appearance about as much as you’d expect any one-year old to care.

Which is to say, he didn’t care at all.



On Friday night I went to a Woman Party.  I have no pictures of the Woman Party because I think the first rule of the Woman Party is that you don’t talk about what happened at the Woman Party.  And you certainly don’t offer up pictures.  So you’ll have to use your imagination about the Woman Party, only don’t use too much imagination because I’m not that kind of girl.


On Saturday we went to the dump and the library.  Just for a refreshing change of pace.  Oh, and also to the local chili cook-off where I entered an enormous batch of my Triple Bean Chipotle chili into the vegetarian competition.

I didn’t win, which is not at all shocking considering my recipe was developed by throwing a bunch of stuff into  a pot, but it was a little embarrassing considering there were only five vegetarian entrants.  But it was a good time and it got me and my 1972 era crock pot out of the house so I’m pretending that counts as a win.


We went sledding.

No further commentary needed.

And then we watched the Super Bowl.

No further commentary needed on that either.

Except to say that our “All the Crap You Can Eat” Super Bowl tradition was such a success that I was actually forced to remove my rings for comfort reasons on Monday.

See?  Not only was it a busy weekend, it just kept on giving.