For a few years in my 20s, I lived in Washington, DC.  I never expected to stay there forever, so I didn’t put down too many roots but I enjoyed the city for what it was.  There was plenty to enjoy.  Free museums, numerous entry-level jobs, lots of people of a similar age in search of the best happy hour deals, and, best of all, a real spring.

Maine doesn’t typically have a spring, where “spring” equals an actual span of time lasting for more than two days, so I was pretty blown away by March in a more southerly place.  DC has glorious springs.  Days upon weeks upon months of gradually unfolding green, flowers, and, of course, cherry blossoms.  Oh, cherry blossoms.  I loved the cherry blossoms.  I would leave my office at 5, take the Metro down to the Mall, and walk all the way around the Tidal Basin, breathing it all in before heading home.  If it was a particularly nice cherry blossom season, I would perform this little ritual daily.  March in DC was really a season of miracles.

There are no cherry blossoms in Maine.  There is no real spring in Maine.  There’s winter, and there’s mud, and then it’s summer.  After a few years of March desperation–that vague sense of doom and dread and conviction that the whole world will be brown forever–I began to see the value in adding a little color to this time of year.

So I planted some crocuses.  Which I do not in any way mean to suggest are equivalent to cherry blossoms, but as crocuses are really the only thing that grows in Maine in March, it’s the best I can do.

Anyway, it’s all working out splendidly.

Check out my crocus bed:

Isn’t that springy?

Just for comparison purposes, here’s a shot of the cherry blossoms:

Photo borrowed from Radio Rover on Flickr.

Downright uncanny how I have recreated that atmosphere, isn’t it?

Here’s another angle of my handiwork:

I like how the splash of color offered by the kayak and the “don’t hit this, plow guy” stick really make everything pop.

In short: there is no spring. Spring is a lie.  I will never see flowers again.

Also, if you are a friend of mine still living in DC?  Please go smell the cherry blossoms for me.