We are all still sick here.  All of us.  We are buried in used tissues, have gone through two boxes of Throat Coat tea, and occasionally engage in periodic family bonding moments where all four of cough breathlessly at the same time.

Who wants to come over?

Are you sure?


Because if you came over, you could see this:

Crocuses in bloom.

Now, this may be less than exciting to you because in your yard, like in every yard around us as far as I can tell, the crocuses have gone by. You are probably engaged in ooh-ing and aah-ing over daffodils by now. But me? I have this:

And that is all right.

Next gardening baby step: container herb garden, which I managed to seed in-between rounds of sickness-related moaning.

Wish me luck.  And health.  But mostly luck.