About a month ago, someone in our neighborhood lost their cat.

This is not an unusual occurrence in our area.  We see flyers posted constantly about lost cats.  And here’s why there are so many flyers: if you have an outside cat in my neighborhood, it’s going to get eaten.


It’s just a matter of time.  Between the rampaging coyotes, sneaky fishers, and mighty eagles, there isn’t a cat big enough, mean enough, or clever enough to make it too long in our woods.  This is why every time I see one of those blasted flyers (“Missing: yellow long-haired cat. Goes by Sparky. Likes Fancy Feast.”) I am forced to launch into my tirade about how the people who leave their cats outside even though the cat will, eventually, meet its fate in the belly of some local beast are awful people who don’t deserve to have pets if they can’t even be bothered to clean a litter box now and then. And how can they even pretend to feel badly about it, pretend that they miss their cat and would like it back, when they let it get eaten in the first place? They are awful, awful people and I wish  many itchy skin diseases upon all of them.

And that’s how I feel about that.

And that’s how I felt about the flyer that was tucked into our door one afternoon announcing that a small black cat (“a little shy but friendly”) had gone missing soon after its owners moved into the area.  I did my little rant, I made a quick wish that it was a fast trip down the coyote gullet, and I threw the flyer into the trash.

A few days ago, I came home from work and Michael said, “Remember that flyer someone left in our door about a missing cat?”

Of course, those lazy good-for-nothing horrible pet owners. Why?

“Was it a small black cat? A male?”

Yes, Why, did you see it?

“Yeah, out back.  Looked a little thin and scraggly.”

Did you pick him up?  Did you call them?

“How could I call them? You threw away the flyer.”

Now I didn’t lose the cat. I didn’t refuse to catch the cat. And yet somehow? I am the one who feels guilty in this situation.

I hate these people and their little lost cats.