We don’t get many hurricanes up here, really. Every few years something will sideswipe us, but it’s not something I spend much time fretting about. Hurricanes: not really my gig.

However, we certainly are used to other kinds of storms.  We lose power regularly, usually a few times every winter and once or so in the summer.  When we built our house, we planned for the occasional, extended power loss.  Our stove and oven are gas and easily lit with a match.  Our woodstove, while not mighty, will heat the house to a comfortable level if necessary.  We always have food on hand that can be easily heated on the stove and our coffeemaker is a simple stovetop espresso maker.  Sadly, our water comes from a well and the water pump doesn’t work without electricity, but we keep a few gallons stashed away for an emergency source. We keep a good pile of books, games, and puzzles at the ready.  Although we’ve never had to, I estimate we could hunker down without power for a week fairly comfortably, if necessary.  We’d smell a bit, but we’d otherwise be fine.

All this to say that our preparations for Hurricane Irene looked like this: buy milk, pick up loose stuff in the yard, run a few more gallons of water.

And, most importantly, following a lesson learned after a very unfortunate morning without power last winter, we pre-ground the coffee.

Bring it, Irene.