Me: Guess what? We have to go to a birthday dinner tonight. Would you like to draw a card?
Her: YES. I would love to draw a card.
Me: Here’s some paper.


Me: What…what is that?
Her: It’s a spooky costume.
Me: I thought you were drawing a birthday card.
Her: I am. She needs a spooky costume for her birthday.
Me: Don’t you think you should draw a cake? Or balloons? Or flowers?
Her: NO. I’m drawing a spooky costume.
Me: Well…okay, I guess.  If you want to.
Her: Okay.
Me: Hey, next time I ask you to draw a birthday card, will you draw a cake or something?
Her: Sure. Next time I will draw a cake.

…A week passes…

Me: Heyyyy…it’s your cousin’s birthday next week. We need another birthday card. Can you draw one again?
Her: YAY. I love drawing birthday cards.
Me: Okay, now do you remember what you promised to do next time I asked you to draw a card?
Her: Yes. I am supposed to draw birthday things.
Me: GREAT. Like flowers, or a birthday cake, or something, right?
Me; Great. Go for it.


Me: Is that a cake?
Her: No, it’s a birthday window.
Me: A…window?
Her: Yep.


Me: And what’s that?
Her: Birthday stairs.
Her: Yes.
Me: Like stairs you walk up?
Her: Yes. Only for birthdays.
Me: And what’s that?
Her: A birthday crown.
Me: It’s…
Her: What?
Me: It’s just…
Her: Huh?
Me: Never mind. It’s beautiful, baby. Great job.