Over the last four months, in no particular order, I have been:

Planting two apple trees, one cherry tree, and ten raspberry bushes.

Swearing prolifically at the deer that ate the top off the more successful apple tree.

Going through my busy season at work.

Driving all over the blessed state of Maine and remembering that this is a really big danged state. Also: pretty.

Going to the dentist for the first time in four years.

Spending hundreds of dollars fixing a tooth, doing the math, and realizing that I still kind of came out ahead on the deal regardless.

Making a note to schedule another visit to the dentist in four more years.

Planning a garden.

Forgetting to buy seeds.

Buying seeds.

Forgetting to plant seeds.

Planting seeds.

Forgetting to water/transplant/otherwise care for seeds in anyway.

Flinging everything that survived into vicinity of the garden, walking away, and calling it a relaxed “test year” for the garden.

Wondering why the garden isn’t doing better.

Going to Vermont for our annual Memorial Day visit to my sister and nieces.

Remembering that Vermont is really far away, closeness on map notwithstanding.

Watching Annabel run her first race, which resulted in a solid athletic performance (her father’s genes) and one skinned knee (my genes).

Taking a 10-day vacation in western Colorado for my grandmother’s 100th birthday.

Taking hikes in the desert and pondering the people who choose to build their homes on what are, essentially, big piles of dirt with views of, essentially, more piles of dirt.

Accepting that I don’t really get the desert.

Seeing views like this and thinking, well, okay, fine, parts of the desert are okay by me.


Realizing that this vacation was about 75% enjoyable, which means we’ve turned some kind of a corner on the traveling-with-kids thing. (Uh, 75% is good. Previous trips have hovered at between 30-50%.)

Coming home and weeping at the credit card bill.

Going to the beach six times (so far). The beach is free.

Enjoying a visit from Bubba and his accompanying wife, daughter, and two grandsons.

Enjoying a work-related overnight in the Portland area ALL BY MYSELF WITH NO CHILDREN HAHAHAHA. Ahem.

Hiking! I went hiking! Multiple times. Because I ditched my family and set up a regular Sunday morning hiking date with a friend, that’s how. Those kids of mine will just have to learn to enjoy nature on their own time.

Doing about 54 loads of laundry, based on an average of 4.3 loads per week multiplied by 13 weeks, which is how long it’s been since I wrote on the blog..

Thinking while doing all that laundry: wow. I should really write on the blog.

Writing on the blog.