1. The point of painting is not THE painting. It is PAINTING. The end result doesn’t matter, but enjoying the process does.
  2. Plowing through all your new library books in a five-hour reading marathon is a legitimate choice. Don’t worry about rationing them out all week. You can just read them again.
  3. Footie pajamas make a great, warm layer under snowpants and no one will know you aren’t dressed.
  4. When caught doing something you shouldn’t, the best defense is to flatly deny and walk away. It confuses the opposition.
  5. Stripes go with plaid, pink goes with purple, and socks don’t need to match. If someone questions your clothing choices, start crying. They’ll backpedal instantly and think twice before doing that again.
  6. There’s really no logical reason why you should get the housework done before you have the fun adventure. I mean, when you really think about it.
  7. Go karts are aces.
  8. Yahtzee is better if you don’t overthink it.
  9. When in doubt, go back to the beginning and start over.