I’m Cherie.


I am sadly unphotogenic.

I live in Maine, where I love the ocean and complain about the cold.

I have a husband who builds beautiful things.  I have two children and a dog who are cuter than yours. I also have a cat, but she’s kind of generically cranky.

I write the Scraped-up Kid blog about kids and the outdoors for the Bangor Daily News, so if that’s your thing, please check it out. There’s also a Facebook page here and an Instagram account here. I tweet Twitter-y things at cheriethemainer. Yes, I do have a social media problem. I’m working on it, okay?

I used to keep a blog about our adventures in housebuilding.  It’s defunct now, but if you enjoy details about rat slabs and broken picture links, feel free to look it over.

The “dooryard,” in Maine parlance, is the side yard of a house where the driveway and the backdoor meet.  Peas get shelled in the dooryard, children play in the dooryard, and men stand around and drink beer in the dooryard.  I’ve been looking at mine for a while.  Now I’m trying to look beyond.

You can e-mail me at cherieinthedooryard@gmail.com.